In 2009, Jim Wizard and his crew built this one-of-a-kind oddity, &  
video documented the entire event for a Pilot/Demo episode for a
reality TV build show called, Wizard's Workshop.

    The premise for the show was to build a cool looking pig-like
motorcycle, using a cheap import scooter.  But, make it look cool and
desirable to ride by the public eye.  It all was a humorous play by Jim
Wizard, on the common biker term, "Riding A Hog".

    So, after 6 weeks, the project was complete, and Jim took it to
Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, to show the world, the "True meaning
of riding a hog".... Needless to say, it was a success.

    Now nearly a decade later, "Hogbike" seems to be a huge favorite
on social media, having viral photos of Jim Wizard on his #1 Crazy
Creation, being constantly posted and shared.

    In 2009, Located in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh,
Kick Back is a awesomely unique establishment. It is up between
39th & 40th on Butler Street.
    Jim was commissioned to built 5 total cocktail tables that
replicated pop bumpers from inside of a pinball machine.  Each
table also has light in the middle, and they applied illuminated
graphics to each one, adding the finishing touches.

  Wizard custom builds woodburner
furnaces made perfectly to heat
your home. no 2 are alike. each unit
ties into your duct work, so your
furnace fan can circulate the steady
warm air, keeping your gas bill in the
winter to a minimum. This creation
definitely gets labeled as a crazy
creation because you can't +buy
anything remotely even like it, at a
store. However, if you need one,
Wizard can make it happen!

Most Pittsburgh homes are forced
to have the laundry service in the
basement. Well, in order to save all
the efforts of toting laundry up and
down 2 flights of steps, This custom
powered elevator holds 2 loads of
clean laundry, has a built in chute
for tossing down soiled items, and
can be from the basement to the
2nd floor in about 40 second

    Jim Wizard loves to play his acoustic guitar, because you simply grab it off of
the wall and jam..
.  Well, that simple concept is what spawned the Jimi-Jam
all-in-one electric guitar.

    This battery powered invention gives you all of the amenities of and electric
AND MORE! It also features the Beat Buddy drum module BUILT IN!!! So, now
you can rock out along with every drum signature in the world!!!

    The detachable speaker allows you to point it at yourself for better quality
hearing or leave in on the guitar to jam for your fans.

    If you're a beginner, now you have timing... If you're intermediate, now you can
rehearse and compose... If you're a pro, now you can be your own one man band
because this guitar sounds amazing direct lined into a PA...

   This guitar is GUARANTEED to change the future of music!!!